What options do I have to resolve a citation or criminal complaint?

Municipal court offers several options for resolving your citation(s). Not all options are available for all citations.

  1. If you have an equipment or paperwork violation, it might be dismissed by showing proof of insurance, registration, and/or a driver’s license (valid on the date of the citation) or with visual inspection of the correction to your car. These violations may be resolved in advance of your court date. If you have other violations as well, you will have to wait for your court appearance and resolve all the violations at once.
    1. Plead “Guilty” at the window or sign on the citation and pay the assessment.
    2. Plead “Not Guilty” and a trial date will be assigned for the officer to appear.
    3. Plead “Guilty” or “No Contest” and speak to the judge to give an explanation for why you would like a lesser sentence.
    4. Some citations and crimes which have possible jail time require an appearance before the judge.