Committees and Commissions

Committees and Commissions

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  • The Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission advises the Governing Body on ways to encourage bicycle and pedestrian transportation, assists the Village of Corrales in the acquisition of funding for safety education, programs and events, and assists the Village in the development of designated paths, routes, bikeways and lanes.
  • The Bosque Advisory Commission advises the Governing Body and the administration on issues related to the Corrales Bosque Preserve located along the Rio Grande.
  • The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee advises, assists, and comments on the Land Use Assumptions, Capital Improvements Plan and other aspects concerning the Far Northwest Sector as requested by the Village.
  • The Equestrian Advisory Commission advises the Governing Body on ways to encourage preservation of equestrian trails and lifestyle, assist the Village in the acquisition of funding for trails and safety education, programs, events and other supportive activities for its citizens who choose to engage in equestrian pursuits, and advise and assist the Village in the development of designated paths, routes and trails.
  • The Farmland Preservation Committee works with property owners to keep their land open for farming. The Village of Corrales has a program to purchase development rights on farmland to provide incentives for property owners to protect the farmland. Property owners in Corrales should contact the Planning and Zoning Department, the Chairperson, or may attend the monthly committee meetings. The Village raises funds for this program through grant applications.
  • The Historic Preservation Committee has a mission of ensuring that our remarkable heritage is preserved and passed on to future generations. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including public outreach, registration of properties for the National Register of Historic Places and the State Register of Cultural Properties, and administration of preservation grants and loans.
  • The Parks and Recreation Commission works with the Parks and Recreation Director to recommend policies, procedures, programs and future planning regarding recreation programs and facilities.
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews issues relating to land use, including approvals of home occupation permits and land subdivisions, recommendations to the Governing Body on changes in zoning and changes to land use ordinances, and assisting the Planning and Zoning Administrator in long-range land use planning.
  • The Political Sign Review Committee has been established to draft proposed ordinances regarding placement and use of campaign signs during political campaigns for consideration by the Governing Body. These ordinances shall include enforcement provisions.
  • The Recycling Committee volunteers assist the Public Works Department in the operation of the Recycling Center. They also recommend changes in policies and procedures regarding the recycling program in the Village.

We are constantly updating our committee listing with new members and removing resignations,
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Updated 02-03-16

To download a Board and/or Commission Application CLICK HERE.

Bicycle Pedestrian
Advisory Commission
Allen, Christina
Radford, Jeff
Roberts, Holly - Co-Chair
Ohnuma, Keiko
Stokes, Janet
Lukes, Karl
Zimmerman, Susan - Co-Chair
Bosque Advisory Commission
Hancock, Merel
Giron, David
Jacob, Shireen
Hashimoto, Joan - Secretary
Lowenstein, Marco - Co Chair
Rivera, Julian
Dail, David Bryan - Co Chair
Capital Improvements Advisory Committee
Foote, Richard - Chair
Garner, Pauline (Polly)
Hogan, Patrick
Howard, Jason
Martinez, Lynn

Casa San Ysidro
Advisory Board

Frechette, Michelle
Equestrian Advisory
Philpot, Susan Jamie- Vice Chair
Bagley, Bonnie
Nelson, Nancy
Strongbow, Dyanne
Zodin, Vita
Schaufele, Nancy
Blair, Janet
Farmland Preservation & Agricultural Commission
Brown, Lisa
Horger, Terry
Spragg-Braude, Stacia
Silverblatt-Buser, Aaron
Library Board
Burgess, Kay
Foote, Ginger - Chair
Goss, Jerry - Vice Chair
Strauss, Milton
Kelbley, Nancy - Secretary
Longino, Rita
Tritten, James
Lodger's Tax Board
Allen, Fritz
Newby, Judith - Chair
Tidwell, Norris
Turner, Dee
Klein-Hammond, Barbara
Parks and Recreation Commission
Clifton, Renee -Vice Chair
Burkett, Zachary
Messec, Tony
Parker, J. Tyson - Chair
Perea, John
Vigil, Steve - Secretary
McIntyre, Chris
Planning and Zoning Commission
Begay , Cynthia
Staley, Elizabeth - Chair
Murray, Stuart
Derr, Suanne
Cordova, Ignacio Ph.D
Knight, Mel
Wirtz, Frank C.
Safe Routes to School Team
Sandy Rasmussen
Kunenzler, Steve
Montoya, Laura
Ornelas, Agnes
Scott, Brigitte
Senior Advisory Board
Alper, Mel - Vice Chair
Biehl, Dolores
Gerber, Marjorie L.
Brady, Darlene
Modica, Ted
Rodriquez, Mary Jane
Glover, Alice
Tree Preservation
Advisory Committee
John Thompson
Neiman, Thomas
Conoboy, Carol
Water Issues Advisory Board
Anderson, Robert
Brown, John
The following committees are not appointed by the Governing Body
Historical Society
( not appointed by Governing Body)
Allen, Chris VP
Blackwell, Ben - Web Master
Clemente, Debbie - Publicity
Darrow, Bev - Visual Arts
Davis, Mary - Archives
Dusseau, Janice
Foote, Ginger - Director 2014
Glover, Alice
Gold, Sandy - Secretary
O'Mara, Carolyn
Peacock, Deborah - Legal Advisor
Pedroncelli, Clifford - Director 2013
Protz, Jan - Docents & Membership
Turner, Dee - Scheduling
Wright, Jim - Director 2011
MainStreet Committee (not appointed by Governing Body)
Tinkham, Allan
Turner, Dee
 Newcomb, Grif
Covell, Jim
Kruger, Jim
DelleSite, Karen
Rasmussen, Sandy