Corrales Maps Documents

Here you will find all the documents and forms associated with Maps.

Corrales Map This map was developed with assistance from the Village of Corrales Planning Department, Fire Department, Police Department and Public Works Department. Feature locations are approximate. MRCOG and the Village of Corrales are not responsible for map errors or omissions.

Zone Map On 28 August 2012 the Village of Corrales Zone Map was amended by Ordinance 12-011.

Corrales Voting Precinct Maps

Voters may now lookup their own voter registration information using VoterView.  A VoterView record contains helpful information such as polling place and the district races a registrant may vote in. Look under the "Districts Table" to view the Municipal District. To access VoterView, click here: VoterView is provided by the New Mexico Secretary of State, if the page does not load please contact the Secretary of State website webmaster. The Voter View website will list the Corrales Districts as "Corrales City Council __" in the Districts table.

Comparison of Municipal District and County Precinct boundaries:

The Municipal Districts should not be confused with the County Precincts if you are not sure which Municipal District you are located in, please contact Village Clerk Jennifer Hise at 897-0502, or visit the State of New Mexico website Voter View to verify your district for the 2016 Municipal Election.