Village Clerk Documents

Here you will find documents associated with the Village Clerk for the Village of Corrales

Resolution 11-048 designating Official Custodian of Public Records and fee schedule

Comments Form Please use this form to submit comments regarding Village policy, or any concerns that you may have.

Request for Public Records
Resolution 11-048 designating Official Custodian of Public Records and fee schedule; download resolution 11-048 to view the fee schedule.


Village Forms

Realtor / Construction Permit Ord. 09-008 Effective 1 September 2009
Download Ordinance 09-008, requiring a permit for sale, construction or remodeling of real property within the village of corrales; providing for a permit fee to cover administrative costs; providing for enforcement.

On May 8, 2012 the Realtor ordinance was amended, Ordinance 12-002.

Contractor Remodel Contractor Parcel Permit Application Form

If you have a new business please read the information on the Clerk's page or call the Village Office at 897-0502.

Boards and Commissions Application

Film Permit

Lodger's Tax Report

Lodger's Tax -Request for Funds Form

Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability for Corrales Sites and Facilities
Insurance:  The Village requires users of Village-owned facilities for special requests, one-time events, athletic leagues, tournament play, and recreational programs provide proof of liability insurance to cover such use of the facility, with the Village of Corrales named as additional insured on the policy. Staff may determine if insurance is necessary. The proof of insurance will be forwarded to the Department Liaison no later than ten (10) working days prior to the start of the use of the facility. The amount of insurance shall coincide with the Tort Claims caps found in NMSA 1978, Section 41-4-19 (1976).

To obtain a liability insurance quote you can use a new program initiated by the New Mexico Self Insurance Fund. Click Here for More Info.

Temporary Noise Permit

Temporary Vendor Permit

Notice of Tort Claim

Event Application

The Village of Corrales' "Event Permitting Process" has been designed to make recommendations and establish guidelines based on City ordinances, requirements and regulations for activities hosted by Corrales citizens, businesses and organizations. These recommendations and requirements are made to minimize the impact on area residents, businesses and organizations, or the Village's ability to provide services to the public. In the event that you will be using a Village owned property, "Site Plans" are being created to help plan your event. Below are some Village owned site plans that you can use for your event. If the Village site is not listed you may use your own hand-drawn site plan to submit.

Event Permitting Application

Parks and Recreation East Field

Parks & Recreation West Field & horse arena

Donate funds to the Village of Corrales. If you wish to donate to a particular Village Department or specific project within the Village use this Donor Form. Every dollar helps the Village deliver services to Corrales residents. Print the Donor Form and mail it to:

Village of Corrales, 4324 Corrales Road, Corrales, NM 87048