Friday Message from the Mayor

What’s been going on in Village government this week?

The Public Works Department is doing various road improvement projects, including millings, strategic vegetation thinning within the rights of way, shoulder work and removal of broken concrete.  Our road infrastructure requires constant maintenance and the work is being done to make our roads safer and more passable. Thank you for your cooperation.

For those of you already looking forward to summer, Parks and Recreation has posted the swim lesson schedule, and registration will begin on-line as of May 1.  First come, first serve, so be ready!

Corrales has a lot going on for a small place. I have been in meetings with the Mid-Region Council of Governments (Mr. COG), Main Street (the Pathways project) and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) (Bosque).

I’ve met with concerned citizens about signs and lights. So, a few words on these topics for you to consider.

Signs are not allowed in the public right of way. If found there, they are picked up and placed in the Village Administration area, near Animal Control. This includes both commercial and political signs (I have some recent experience with this). Please be careful where you place your signs and know the rules. Let’s keep Corrales looking good.

Lights are another thorny issue. Residents complain they have one or more bright lights shining into their windows. As a first step, I’d ask that each of us take a hard look at our own outdoor lighting. Are these lights causing a problem by shining, unshielded, onto the neighboring property? You can be a hero and gain good will in your neighborhood by making some easy fixes. Our ordinances are online and word searchable. Call us for a consult if you have questions.  We live here to enjoy lovely, dark skies; and each of us needs to help keep that a reality.

Last note – next Wednesday, April 11, there is a “Meet the New Government” event at the Senior Center, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  Please come by. I’d love to see you.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Jo Anne Roake, Mayor