Increase in Residential Burglaries

There has been a recent increase in Residential Burglaries throughout the Albuquerque area, including eight during the month of August and one to-date in September here in the Village as follows:

  • August 1st-12th     Unknown time
    Savannah LN - No forced entry, possibly employee theft.
  • August 18th  1:30PM-3:30PM         Camino Rayo Del Sol
    - Hispanic male in a black station wagon.
  • August 19th             2:00PM-7:30PM
    Andrews Lane  - No forced entry, canine missing from residence.
  • August 21st              8:20AM-8:00PM
    Desert Luna RD   -  Older black Toyota pick-up seen in the area.
  • August 22nd            4:00PM-7:00PM
    Calle De Blas  - Believed to be estranged adult son.
  • August 25th        6:30PM-6:45PM
    Stella Lane  -  Unknown 6’ tall bald male in dark green pick-up.
  • August 25th      10:45AM-8:30PM
    Camino De La Tierra    - Older black Chevrolet pick-up seen in the area.
  • August 28th-29th Unknown Time
    Manzanal RD - No suspect or vehicle information.
  • September 3rd        4:20PM-4:30PM
    Tierra Encantada -  Heavy-set Hispanic male and small female in grey Toyota Corolla.

Many of the targeted homes are currently listed for sale.

We are working on exhausting every potential lead, sharing information with neighboring law enforcement agencies and conducting directed patrols of the affected areas as frequently as possible.

As always, remain vigilant, keep your homes and vehicles locked with the alarms set and look out for one another.  We need all of your eyes and ears out there to help us prevent further incidents and apprehend those responsible for the prior occurrences.  If you observe any suspicious subjects or vehicles in your neighborhoods, please call Regional Dispatch (911 for emergency situations and 898-7585 for non-emergencies) right away.  If you have any information concerning these incidents which might be helpful in our investigations, please contact Lt. Frank Tomlinson via Dispatch.

Remember:      See it, hear it, report it.