Inspection of Public Records

Inspection of Public Records
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Designating Official Custodian of Public Records and fee schedule
Resolution 11-048

14-2-1 N.M.S.A. describes to the right to inspect public records and exceptions.
Every person has a right to inspect any public records of this state except:

  1. Records pertaining to physical or mental examinations and medical treatment of persons confined to any institutions;
  2. Letters of reference concerning employment, licensing or permits;
  3. Letters or memorandums which are matters of opinion in personnel files or students cumulative files;
  4.  Law enforcement records that reveal confidential sources, methods, information or individuals accused but not charge with a crime. Law enforcement records include evidence in any form received or complied in connection with any criminal investigation or prosecution by any law enforcement or prosecuting agency, including inactive matters or closed investigations to the extent that they contain the information listed above;
  5. As provided by the Confidential Materials Act [14-3A-1, 14-3A-2 NMSA 1978];
  6. As otherwise provided by law.

Upon receipt of a written request for public records, the inspection shall be permitted immediately or as soon as is practicable under the circumstances, but not later than fifteen days after receiving a written request.  If the inspection is not permitted within three business days, the custodian shall explain in writing when the records will be available for inspection or when the public body will respond to the request.  The three-day period shall not begin until the written request is delivered to the office of the Village Clerk.  Documents that are 11” x 17” or smaller may be purchased for one dollar ($1.00) per page.