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Mayor's Friday Message

Summer is definitely drawing to a close. School started this week so please do be extra careful and watch for children and bicycles. Summer heat is still with us, but we can rejoice in the cooler mornings. And while the days of summer are waning, we can console ourselves with the sight and smell of chili roasters popping up throughout our area.
Speaking of chili, the Bosque Chile Festival is happening tomorrow at the Hispanic Cultural Center from 10-4. (Details at https://www.bernco.gov/bosquechilefestival). The Bosque Chile Festival will feature demonstrations, lectures, public art, children’s activities and music. They are even having a red vs. green poetry slam (the winner will be named the Bosque Chile Festival poet laureate). You know, perhaps Corrales should have a poet laureate as well.
Even if you venture out of Corrales, please don’t fail to take advantage of our local eateries and shops. As always, visit our wonderful Corrales Growers Market on Sunday from 9 to 12.


We are thrilled to be having another big ribbon cutting event next Monday. Thanks to the efforts of Main Street and others, we have retained the innovative company Ideum. Their new location looks beautiful. Ideum blends art and technology and creates many of those new-style digital displays that make visiting museums today such an exciting and interactive experience.  Watch for pictures next week.
Take care and enjoy these last days of August. You might even want to play a little Aretha Franklin.


Have a wonderful weekend.
JoAnne Roake


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