Police Department

Mission Statement:

“To help build a safe community through communication and cooperation, with respect for all.”

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Vision Statement

The Corrales Police Department has a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to the philosophy of community policing. We are dedicated to a partnership with our community to prevent crime, neighborhood problems, and fear of crime. This is accomplished by using time-tested police methods and new problem-solving techniques. We preserve life, protect property, and promote equal rights by working with all the citizens of our community. The highest standards of professional ethics, values, and personal integrity will be demonstrated. We will make the Village of Corrales the safest community in America.

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dare-lion  D.A.R.E. Officer.......... Officer Walter Heaton -- 

neighborhood-watch-eye Neighborhood Watch......Officer Julie Rogers

animal-control  Officer Catherine Garcia and Officer Bryah Lattin-Montano


Victor Mangiacapra, Chief of Police

To report a crime, accident, or to talk to a Corrales Police Officer call the number below:

Police Dispatch: 505-898-7585 or 505-898-7586


Village of Corrales Police Administration: 505-897-1277 (to contact the Police Chief, Lieutenant, Detective, Sergeant or Police Records)

Contact Information: Email:

Mailing and Physical Address:
4324 Corrales Road
Corrales, NM 87048

Fax: 505-897-0690