21 Jul Regarding "Transaction Permits"

Many of you have noticed the black bags and violation notices on real estate signs in the Village.  You may have also noticed that a lot of signs have been removed?  Well, it has caused quite a stir so let me give you the history.  Back in 2009, the Village Council, at the urging of t

28 May Quick Links

Thank you for visiting the new website.  We understand finding your way around a new site can be difficult and we want to try to make the experience as good as possible for you.  We have recently added a "Quick Links" button to the top menu bar to help you better navigate around the s

06 Feb What's Upcoming from Corrales' Parks and Recreation

Corrales' Parks and Recreation is looking forward to another great year of programs and facilities use here in the village. And they would like to let you know a little about what is in the works. In the immediate future, they are excited to offer Spring Break Camp (March 30th-April 3

05 Feb How is an Ordinance Made?

Since taking office last March, the Village Council has been adopting a new convention for how the Village considers a new Ordinance.  After the initial discussion and the decision to “publish and post” a new ordinance, the Council traditionally had two more “readings” before a final

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