Village Ordinances

Village Ordinances

All laws of the village shall be enacted by the passage of ordinances, all of which shall be reviewed by the village attorney. Ordinances shall be numbered consecutively and shall bear a title which shall set forth in general terms its subject matter; shall contain an enacting clause; and shall bear the date, signatures of the Mayor and attesting officer, and the seal of the village. The village clerk shall keep a permanent log book in which the original of each ordinance considered, whether or not adopted, shall be kept.

Not all Village Ordinances are posted on the website, some may be going through the approval process and they may exist as a draft ordinance. If you wish to obtain a copy of any public document you may request to "view" it at no cost, or you may request a "copy" of the document. 14-2-1 N.M.S.A. describes the right to inspect public records and exceptions. To view or request a copy of any public document download the form below.

The Village of Corrales goes through a 3-step process in adoption of an ordinance. The First Reading is approval from the Governing Body to Publish and Post the proposed ordinance a newspaper. The Second Reading is for discussion only, no action may be taken at the Second Reading. On the final Third Reading the Governing Body votes to approve or deny the proposed ordinance.

Effective date and publication. An ordinance shall become effective and be in full force and effect from and after its passage, publication and posting, according to law.

Inspection of Public Records Click Here to download the form.